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I just had a company of professionals install radiators with inertia in a renovated part of an old house. These very heavy radiators fell and tore off part of the partition. The re-pose was done but during the work, I realized that the installation was made with dominoes visible and hidden without protection behind the radiators. Is this practice up to standard? Where to find the electricity standards in progress? On the other hand, for ease of installation of 2 radiators was made directly on the EDF meter and not the table of my installation which is located in another room.

Apparently you had to deal with an unscrupulous business.

Whether it involves replacing a device or creating a heating station, the power supply must be through a junction box.

Dominoes (connection dice or connectors) must not be visible.

The power supply of these devices must be done by a dedicated "heating" circuit, starting of course on the distribution board, with a protection adapted to the power of the devices served (see MAP OF INSTALLATION)

You can therefore restart this company so that it performs the work according to the standards in force (NF C 15-100). A company has an obligation of result and perfect completion of the work and must not evade it.

A sheet is devoted to the RULES OF INSTALLATION in the site.

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