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While basic shower cubicles are not necessarily aesthetic and practical, they are primarily utilitarian. The trend is up to modernity even in the bathroom while maintaining a certain comfort, elegant design but especially easy access for people with reduced mobility. The installation of a walk-in shower allows to group these criteria for a moment of relaxation and ease at the time of the shower. Here are some things to consider when replacing your old shower enclosure with a walk-in shower.

The Italian shower: ingenious and harmonious

The walk-in shower is generally quite large, both in width and in depth. It is designed on one level to facilitate access, without any visible receiver, which makes it accessible for a wheelchair or for elderly walkers. The receiver is integrated on the floor, which allows continuity between the floor of your bathroom and that of the shower. No more edges to step over!

The showerhead is also a new advance. It can be inserted directly into the ceiling or be part of a shower column, but its above-average size gives a good distribution of water, often falling in the form of rain. A shower is still available.

From an aesthetic point of view, the walk-in shower consists of materials (mosaic, stone, tiles...) harmonizing the floor covering and the walls thanks to the absence of recesses and the uniqueness of the heights. Often equipped with transparent or slightly opaque glass walls, it provides a sensation of depth, which incorporates it perfectly in the space of the room.

Prefer building to renovation

The realization of a walk-in shower requires substantial work, often complicated and difficult to do for a simple bathroom renovation. Plan the installation by professionals during the construction of your home or if you are considering building work. This will avoid the constraints and adapt the space upstream for the sealing and especially the evacuation system specific to Italian showers. Indeed, it requires a siphon of a suitable size under the receiver, connected to the evacuation, whose cost is about 40 €. This installation is often impossible for a shower floor. A channel can be more efficient but expensive: between 300 and 700 €.

Renovation is not always possible from the point of view of plumbing. The most important works are those of the ground, which cause a big modification of your bathroom. Most of the time, the floor must be raised in order to be able to position the receiver, or it must be broken and dug to recess the receiver, drain and pipes. Renovation therefore implies a change of level of your bathroom, unlike other parts of your home. This must be taken into account during a construction. To renovate, the solution is to add a step with the receiver and allowing evacuation. The walk-in effect is removed and you will not have a real walk-in shower. Similarly, the installation surface must be at least 1m50. In the opposite case, it is necessary to place a sliding and non-fixed wall, which removes an attribute proper to this type of shower. Pay attention to the domestic configuration of your room that does not necessarily allow its implementation.

Rather Italian shower kit or custom?

The installation of a walk-in shower by a professional costs between 1,500 to 5,000 € for the most design and the most efficient. Nevertheless, in this estimate, the labor is included. The advantage of using a professional lies in the fact that plans are presented, a free quote is made and a long-term guarantee is provided.

For a more reasonable installation, kits exist with retailers of DIY and landscaping materials. These kits are complete with a receiver, a plug, the elements for the waterproofing, a shower column and the walls. With a price of about 500 €, this kit saves money, but it is to ask yourself. The choice remains limited and the quality is lower.

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