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Setting up a shower is not within everyone's reach and it is important to follow certain steps to fully enjoy your shower area with complete peace of mind.

Mounting a shower, step by step

Mounting a shower, step by step

Beforehand: Before you begin, it is important to choose the type of receiver that you want to install based on the existing exhaust system. A shower tray will ask, as the name suggests, directly on the ground. A shower tray to be raised will be placed on a pedestal and a built-in shower tray will require some masonry work to insert the receiver directly into the ground. Once, the type of recipient chosen, his installation can then begin.

Step 1: choose the bin location

Simulate the location of the receiver and with a marker, mark the future location of the bung. Check horizontality with a spirit level and adjust, if necessary, the feet of the receiver for upgrade. In this step, make sure that the inlet diameter of hot and cold water is 10-12 mm and the drainage pipes have a diameter of 40 mm.

Step 2: Install the bung

To do this, place the receiver upright for more maneuverability. Disassemble the elements of the bung and put them in place. Then connect the PVC drain hose at the horizontal exit of the bung. Do not forget to direct the horizontal exit towards the evacuation tube. Drain pipes must have a slope of 1 cm to 3 cm per meter to ensure good drainage of wastewater.

Step 3: Install the shower tray

Place the catcher on the chosen location and secure it with glue cement or plaster. The procedure will be slightly different depending on whether it is a free-standing, built-in, raised or extra-flat tray.

Step 4: make the finishes

First, remember to apply caulk around the bung hole to ensure its tightness. Once dry, you can screw your bung permanently. Then make a silicone seal between the walls and the receiver. This stage of realization of seals is very important for your daily comfort and to avoid water infiltration.

After installing your shower tray, you must then proceed at the installation of walls, mixer tap, shower head and shower column. To avoid any flow problem and get an impeccable result, it is better to call on a professional of the sector.

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