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Tiling of the floor: preparation of the support

Tiling is the ideal material for coating the floor with wet rooms or rooms with a direct connection to the outside. The quality of installation of a tile is closely related to that of support it must take. Flatness is the essential condition, which almost always requires a smoothing operation via a tiling screed, that is to say the casting of a thin layer of self-smoothing fine mortar.

To avoid any risk of cracking the tile, it must be placed on a smooth surface: hence the need for scraping of any residue of an old coating and the application of a patching mortar. But it is also necessary to guarantee the regularity of the joints between the tiles, but also between these and the periphery walls, to allow to absorb the diemnsional variations of the ground and the tiles.

Tiling of the floor: preparation of the support

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