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3D wall panels are becoming the favorites of architects and interior designers. Do not hesitate to adopt them! Modern, elegant and customizable, they allow you to transform your decoration quickly, without the need for big jobs. And with a little care and attention, you can ask them yourself.

Preparation of the installation site of the 3D wall panels

Start by drawing up the plan of the book:

  • Where will you put the wall panels?
  • How much do you have to buy?
  • How do they connect with each other? With or without a seal?

Panels always arise on a clean wall, dry and flawless. If necessary, seal cracks or holes. Sand the asperities.

Store 3D Wall Panels at least 48 hours in the room where they are to be laid before starting work. They need to acclimatize to the temperature and hygrometry of the place.

The layout of the installation of 3D wall panels

The ideal is start laying by a central point that you will score on the wall. You will be able to balance the cuts on both sides. Be careful, however, to provide the cut-outs at ground level rather than at the ceiling level. Your center point can be slightly offset to have full panels at the ceiling.
The majority of 3D wall panels cut with a cutter.

Wall panels must be leveled. Check always and carefully with a bubble level your tracks and being installed do not hesitate to check again.

Gluing and installation of 3D wall panels

For the choice of glue always follow the advice of the manufacturer. In general these are Putty adhesives "any support" in cartridge that are recommended. The use of a gun is an undeniable plus when you have to work on a complete wall.

Proceed panel by panel.
Arrange glue tapes on the back of a panel going to the edges. Apply it to the wall by pressing firmly but evenly over the entire panel. Avoid crushing the relief patterns. Insist well on the edges so that they are well glued to the wall.
Do the same for each 3D wall panel.
Let dry about 6 hours.

The installation of joints of 3D wall panels

If you have opted for a pose with seal, use a acrylic seal to paint. With the tip, fill the space between the panels and smooth with your finger or a straightener.

The paint finish of 3D wall panels

3D wall panels accept almost all paints. You can use a spalter brush or a long hair roller. It is especially the relief design that will guide you. If you know how to handle it, a spray gun can also be considered.
Start by applying an underlay. Let dry well. Then apply the first layer of the paint you have chosen and the second coat for optimal results.

Good to know: Some 3D wall panels are made of environmentally friendly materials (bamboo or sugarcane fibers, recycled wood.) They do not release VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Pay attention to the choice of paint to maintain this quality of the material.

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