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In contrast to laying in a tunnel, the application of a window is applied to the interior facade of a wall. It is possible whatever the nature of your wall and allows to integrate in addition an interior insulation. Follow our advice to apply an applied window and guarantee an optimal result.

Specificities of the applied installation

Applied laying is also called "Poses new" because this is the type of laying that is most commonly used for new homes. However, the wall-mounted installation is also perfect for renovating your windows. We speak of laying in wall when the frame is fixed on the internal facade of your wall. This is actually fix the window on the overflowing inner part of the support.
This type of installation is very interesting because it allows to integrate the establishment of an insulating interior. Be aware that to install a window, it is important to work in a room whose temperature is between 5 and 35° C, sheltered from the rain and on perfectly dry support.

How to install a window?

Before you start the operation, make sure you have the necessary tools for installation: drill, plumb line, hammer, chisel, tape measure, sealing tabs, putty, trowel... Then check the dimensions by measuring in 3 points different. Also check diagonals and levels with a spirit level.
Assemble the insulation taps on the outer sides of the frame and screw the mounting brackets to the frame.
Then realize sealing between the support and the masonry with a strip of foam. Then remove the cargo hold under the frame and place the window against the wall. After checking the level, secure the brackets with the clamp. Outside, apply a foam seal and a sealant sealant between typed and masonry. Inside, put the cover profiles in the grooves of the frame. Finally install the handle and check if the doors work well.

It may be necessary to make a small adjustment and lightly grease the hardware. Remove the protective film and clean the window carefully. Know that there are many videos on the internet and many tutorials to make your job easier. However, ask a window to be a little handyman and if the operation seems too difficult, do not hesitate to call a professional. This one can make you benefit from a reduced rate VAT if it is a renovation to improve the energy performance of your home.

The most prudent of course is to call on a professional: carpenter or glazier.

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