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The tunneling of a window, just like the wall-mounted installation, is ideally suited to renovations and new constructions. However, the wall must be sufficiently thick because the frame slips inside. Follow the steps to put a tunnel window and find out what the benefits of going through a professional.

Specificities of tunnel laying

The installation of a tunnel window means the fact to insert the window directly into the wall thickness. This type of installation is perfectly suited to new construction and renovation projects. However, he asks that your wall be thick enough to integrate the frame of the window. If it is a renovation, you must, before you start the operation, remove the old frame and leave the masonry completely naked. Unlike the wall-mounted installation, the tunnel installation does not integrate the interior insulation. It will therefore be asked later.

How to put a tunnel window?

Before you start work, think about carefully prepare the tools you will need and consider protecting your hands and face with gloves and goggles.

Also check the dimensions of the support at 3 different points, diagonals and horizontality and verticality with a spirit level. Then remove the cargo hold under the frame and attach the handle to open the doors and remove them. Clipper the support piece under the frame and seal it by placing a strip of foam around the joinery and on the support. Position the frame in the table (in the wall). Check the levels and diagonals again and adjust with shims (if necessary). Drill the frame then the wall, install the anchors in the masonry and screw.
Be careful never to pierce the bottom rail to prevent water ingress. Put the doors in place and check that they close properly. Feel free to make some adjustments and add some oil at the hardware stores. Then apply a seal of foam and another sealant between the frame and the masonry to ensure a perfect seal.
Perform the operation indoors and outdoors. Then remove the protective plastics and clean the assembly. Please note that in the case of renovations to improve the energy performance of your home, you can receive financial assistance for the purchase of the window and for installation.

Anyway, it is always more prudent to call a professional when not a handyman, think of carpenters and glaziers!

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