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Qualifications of the good professionals, steps of installation, tariffs of intervention of the heating engineers... the following article decrypts for you the modalities required for the installation of a boiler with wood. The delicate implementation of this type of device requiring some vigilance.

Installation of a wood boiler

Installation of a wood boiler

Who to call to install my wood boiler?

The installation of a wood boiler requires specific know-how. The implementation of the device thus requires the intervention of a heating plumber.

The QUALIBOIS and Flamme verte certified installers are preferred. These labels being a quality mark in France. Their members are recognized for their expertise in the installation of domestic wood-burning appliances, including wood-fired boilers.

The specialist will also play a role of advising his client, to help him choose the most suitable device for his situation:

  • rising combustion boiler
  • reverse combustion boiler
  • turbo boilers

Installation steps of the wood boiler

The installer must here ensure:

1) the installation of the wood boiler in the boiler room
2) the connection to the chimney
3) the connection to the heating circuit
4) assembly of the return temperature raising devices
5) the connection to the electrical circuit

The room must be large enough to accommodate the boiler and all its components. It must always be possible to access the controls of the wood boiler in order to adjust and maintain it.

The boiler room should ideally be near the storage space for logs or pellets.

Intervention rates of a heating engineer on a wood boiler

The installation of an already purchased wood-burning boiler usually costs between € 600 and € 1200 (depending on the installation time, accessories to install, etc.)

The cost of the annual mandatory maintenance of a wood boiler, oscillates globally between 60 € and 130 €. Rates may be higher depending on the services contracted (assistance, insurance, advice, etc.).

The installation of a wood boiler can benefit from several financial aids including:

  • 5.5% VAT
  • the tax credit for the energy transition
  • the ANAH (National Agency for Housing), subject to a ceiling of resources.

Video Instruction: Install Outdoor Wood Boiler Tutorial