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Hello, I wish to isolate the roof and the walls of an old barn what thickness of glass wool should I use for the roof and for the walls? Is the glass wool is appropriate knowing that the walls of the barn are stone and the joints in the ground.

You do not specify the location, altitude and future use of this barn, which makes it difficult to answer accurately. By eliminating cases of extreme climates (cold regions and / or mountains), thicknesses of 25 cm under the roof and 10 to 15 cm on the walls are common.
Glass wool is perfectly suited for this purpose. On the roof, it is important to maintain sufficient ventilation of the roof (2cm of air space). On old walls, when a plasterboard finish is planned, use frame-type doublings (no doublings glued to the load-bearing wall). They will overcome the defects of the support wall, and especially not to trap any moisture coming from outside.

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