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Insulate attic To keep cool in the summer and keep you cold in winter, it is advisable to insulate the interior of your roof. For this operation, it is better to be two.

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Tools and materials needed:

An insecticide product for wood.
A fungicide for wood.
A big pair of scissors or a cutter.
A marker.
An electric screwdriver.
Glass wool insulation panels (between 8 and 12 cm thick).
A net with garden.
A wood stapler.
Construction paper.

Step 1: preparation of the insulation and the roof.

Before starting the insulation, it is advisable to treat the wood of your roof. For this, use an insecticide to fight against xylophages and a fungicide that will prevent mold.
Unroll a glass wool panel against the inner face of the roof, then with the marker, note on the insulation the width of the gaps between the rafters of the roof.
Then cut the insulation according to the previous measurements by leaving one or two centimeters more, to adapt it between the rafters.

Step 2: placing the insulation.

To succeed in this operation, it is necessary to be two.
Forcibly return the insulation panels between the rafters, making sure to stick them against the roof.
Then hold the panels against the roof between the props with the gardening net of the staple on the rafters.

Step 3: the finishes.

For a neat finish, screw a large chipboard over the entire area covered by the insulation. You can also use a drywall.
With an electric screwdriver, you will fix the plates at the rafters.
You can then paint the panels at your convenience.
Finally, carefully vacuum in your attic to remove glass wool residue.

In place of glass wool, it is possible to use natural insulators such as sheep, hemp, flax or cotton wool, available in bulk or in rolls and treated with non-toxic products.

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