The Content Of The Article:

The attics are usually empty and unheated. To avoid heat loss, it is strongly recommended to insulate the floor.

Difficulty level:

Easy to medium.

Tools and materials needed:

Insulation loose or roll.
A vapor barrier.
Scotch tape.

Insulation at ground level.

Start by cutting your vapor barrier to the right dimensions.
Unroll it by placing the shiny side underneath. If the vapor barrier is made up of several parts, install them edge to edge, then secure them together by sticking adhesive tape along the joints.
If the insulation is in panels or rolls simply simply unroll them or put them directly on the vapor barrier, taking care to leave a little space between the insulation and the edges of your walls to circulate air, which prevents condensation.
If the insulation is loose, pour it by hand or blow it with a machine the amount recommended by the supplier.
Be careful, if you use an irritating insulation such as glass wool, consider protecting yourself with gloves and a mask.

Insulation on joists.

If your attic does not have floor then it will be necessary to install vote vapor barrier then your insulation between the joists of the ceiling.
When laying, be sure to walk only on the joists as the ceiling may give way under your weight.
Once the first layer is laid, install a second layer of insulation without stepping on the first layer. To do this, stand on a joist and if necessary use a broom to deposit or unroll insulation.

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