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I want to redo the insulation of the attic of my house (attic not convertible). Dimensions: 980 cm x 750 cm Space between the joists: max 95 cm Joists height: 20 cm. Attics divided into three parts by the frames. Part 1: 324 cm x 750 cm Part 2: 320 cm x 750 cm Part 3: 336 cm x 750 cm. At first glance, I opted for glass wool or rock wool in rolls. Is it a good choice? How should I put the wool? The vapor barrier below or above? If I put a second layer of wool should I put a second one by steam? If yes above or below? Thank you.

The choice of glass wool or rock wool in rolls is relevant because the flexibility of these insulators allows for slightly varying spacings. By filling the space between the joists with glass wool you can even possibly throw a floor panels to make your attic semi-develop and store some objects. It is also possible to pour Vermiculite between the joists.
Only one vapor barrier must be placed underneath, on the inside of the house, the principle always being to place the vapor barrier on the hottest side.
Note: when the attic is not built, isolating the ground attic is easier than isolating crawlers, and it avoids "heat" an unmanned volume.

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