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I would like to build the cellar of my old millstone in order to install cupboards, except they tell me that we should not smother the millstone stones because they allow the house to breathe. I am advised to whitewash lime. The floor was clay I had a concrete screed but I'm told that I should have left a part in the ground. What do you think and what isolation can I put in place to meet my needs and not to deteriorate my old millstone?

Before'build a cellarit is necessary to check if this cellar is healthy, or if on the contrary it presents a more or less important humidity rate.
Everything also depends on future use. A cellar a little wet and left in the forbidden state to store books, electronic equipment, clothing... anything that is likely to be degraded by humidity.
If the cellar is perfectly healthy at the beginning, concreting the soil is not a problem. At the walls, you still have to let them breathe, and brush them with lime is a good idea, lime behaving as a moisture regulator.
If the cellar has moisture symptoms at the level of walls and floors, it is necessary either to leave them in the state (one can again brush the walls with the lime), or to realize a true waterproof barrier, which one calls a casing. This is a technical operation, expensive, and must be done by a professional.

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