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Could you please enlighten me on the choice of an insulator on concrete slab. Let me explain: we want to build a room in the basement. On the ground there is gravel + black film anti-rise of humidity + concrete slab of 10 cm. The ceiling height (polystyrene slab) is 2.10 m. On the walls an insulating glue Placo® marine polystyrene lining 80 + 10 What can I put on the slab to insulate to the maximum without decreasing the height too strongly? Maybe tiling but will there be moisture on the tiles due to temperature differences?

According to your description, the cellar floor is well protected from rising damp, but it is not insulated. To limit the extra thickness, while improving the thermal comfort and avoiding any problem of condensation, you can implement the following complex:
- to lay (in free laying, without gluing) extruded polystyrene panels in 5 cm thick
- or make a dry Vermaspha screed also 5 cm thick
In either case, you can install boards (eg Eternit Duripanel wood-cement) on these insulating panels or on the Vermaspha with grooves / tongues 18 mm thick. These panels do not need to be fixed: they stabilize themselves by their weight, the panels being held together by the grooves and tongues.
The extra thickness is then 68 mm. You can then lay tile, carpet, PVC coating. However, avoid the parquet and laminate, even if this basement appears very healthy.

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