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Insulate the floor of a house on a crawl space inaccessible

I wonder about the insulation of the floor of my house. It is partly in solid ground and on the other on crawl space, it is on this part that I wish to improve the insulation of the low floor. This crawl space is accessible on a small part only (cellar of 4 m ²), for the rest (30m ²) there is ground on a height of 1m50, and about 30 cm between the top of the ground and the slab. What are the most realistic options knowing that I will do the work myself?
- evacuate part of the earth to pass? (That seems titanic)
- project a polyurethane foam with a sufficiently long nozzle?
- forget this project since the rest of the floor of my house is not isolable because on ground-full?

Insulate the floor of a house (low floor) whose crawl space is difficult to access, or even partially inaccessible is not obvious. A "medium" solution would consist (if it is at least possible to reach the end of the floor), to slide under the low floor of rigid panels of extruded polystyrene. These panels have the advantage of being insensitive to any rise in moisture. For insulation to be continuous and effective, these panels must be sufficiently joined. Also contact a company that is spraying polyurethane foam. A space of 30 cm could be filled in this way. This being so, any solution consisting of filling the crawlspace cancels the interest of the ventilation of the underside of the low floor.

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