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We want to isolate our lost roofs that we want to use to store. We have insulated the floor with glass wool but we wish to isolate under the roof and the brick walls. What is it to take for brick walls? Should we start with the roof or the walls? Thank you in advance for your answer

The insulation of the walls and underlays is only of interest if you want to convert the attic. If it is not used it is preferable, and especially much more economical, strengthen the insulation of the floor of the attic. If you only want to store things that are not very fragile and do not suffer from cold or heat, this solution is certainly the most economical.

If you want to use the attic, it is customary to insulate first the under-roof, then the walls (usually gables) but the opposite is possible too. In both cases, we work with metal frames that serve both to maintain the insulation (a mineral or vegetable wool) and to allow the fixing of plasterboard that you can then decorate.

You will find several DIY SHEETS on this topic in the section INSULATION. You also have in the site of two video on the subject: INSULATION OF THE WALLS OF THE ATTIC FROM THE INTERIOR and INSULATION OF THE ATTIC BY THE ROOFING.

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