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Cellular glass has been known for a long time. It now appears as an ideal insulation because it strictly respects current eco-construction standards. Rather dedicated to new homes, it is possible to use it in case of renovation.

What is cellular glass?

Cellular glass has been manufactured for a long time. The sand has been replaced for about twenty years by recycled windshield glass, that is, reduced to powder.

Added to this base is carbon black or iron oxide. After passing through the oven at 1000°, the adjuvants oxidize and form gas bubbles. This phenomenon of expansion of matter gives it its cellular structure. Hence its name.

Unmolded, then annealed at high temperature, the cellular glass takes its final appearance of plates or panels. It is perfectly ecological from its manufacture, during its life, until its recycling. Once destroyed, it is used to create embankments. It is therefore eligible for low consumption homes.

Excellent thermal conductivity, rotproof, incombustible, compression-resistant, airtight and water-vapor proof, cell glass has all the qualities. Provided, however, that the house is well ventilated, since it prevents any air circulation.

The main applications of cellular glass

Because of its high resistance to pressure and settling and its rot-resistant nature, cellular glass is ideal for insulating roofing, roofing accessible to light vehicles and green roofs.

These same qualities also make it an excellent insulator of the soil and buried walls. Cellular glass panels settle on sand or gravel before laying the screed, on freshly applied concrete or in the basement. They are vapor and moisture-proof, do not absorb water and do not fear rodents.

Applied to a house facade, especially in renovation, cellular glass protects it permanently from the weather and fires. In this case, the cellular glass panels are covered with a stone, wood, brick, sandstone or concrete facing.

Only real brake, its price. It is located around 30 and 60 € the m². On the other hand it has a life span as long as the house it protects and represents a considerable contribution to the construction of tomorrow.

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