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To insulate the attic is to increase the energy performance of a house by about 1/3 and therefore improve its comfort by reducing its heating bill. The state has set up an insulation program for € 1. Who can benefit from it and how?

The attic insulation operation for 1 €

The POPE Act of 2005 on French energy policy obliges all energy sellers to persuade their customers to save energy by financing insulation work with Energy Saving Certificates (ECE).

To carry out these energy renovation works, financial aid can be granted to households when they call on a qualified professional RGE (recognized guarantor of the environment).
The Energy Solidarity Pact was set up in 2013 to help households not exceeding a certain resource ceiling to be able to isolate the attic lost for 1 € or at a very advantageous rate if the revenues are above the ceilings.

This PES was created to to fight against the energy poverty of households, that is, those who can not heat their homes properly or very hard without having an exploding energy bill.

Thanks to this 1 € insulation device, a household can reduce your energy bill by 25% while increasing the comfort of the home with warmer indoor temperatures.

How it works?

Before applying for attic insulation at 1 €, the dwelling must be a detached house (renter or owner) and that the attics lost have no insulation or an obsolete insulation of 15 years minimum.

Do your simulation online to see if you are eligible at the offer of insulation of attics for 1 €. You will be asked for the geographical location, the number of people in the household, your reference tax income N-1 or N-2, the heating method used, the number of m² to be insulated as well as your contact information for a consulting technician can call you back within 48 hours.

When the quote is validated, an RGE certified professional will make an appointment with you to set up the insulation. Generally it is blown glass wool that is placed because it infiltrates everywhere even in the most inaccessible places. It takes half a day laying or less depending on the m² of insulation to be made.
At the end of the work, you pay € 1 and sign documents to justify to the State that you have benefited from this program.

Who can benefit from this attic insulation program for 1 €?

The owners but also the tenants of a house can benefit from this offer of insulation of the attic at € 1 under certain income conditions. Tenants are required to seek permission from the landlord prior to any work.

To benefit from the € 1 offer, you must:

  • Owner's income or the tenant are below the scale established by the Anah,
  • The house has been completed since at least two years,
  • Attic undeveloped and non-adaptable are not isolated or poorly isolated,
  • Heating energy is not not all electric.

People above the ceilings are not forgotten as they can isolate their attics lost at preferential rates as those who heat only electricity.
Attic insulation at € 1 is not a scam but we recommend to compare the offers because some offer offers for the insulation of unlimited surfaces.

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