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I have to lay reflective thin multi-layer insulation on the walls of a lost-roof room. I am told to leave an air gap between this insulation and the existing wall to prevent condensation. Should this air gap be closed at the top and bottom of the wall or should the circulation be natural?

IMR (Thin Reflective Insulation) is only considered by the CSTB and the public authorities (see our article on IMR, which includes the opinions of the CSTB and the G20) as "insulating complements". In no case can they constitute an isolation system in their own right. They may, however, constitute either a vapor-permeable under-roof screen or an airtight element in the envelope of the building. House. They thus participate in thermal comfort.

To complete an already existing insulation, a network of cleats will be installed on the wall to provide a gap of air between the thin insulation and it. The insulation will then be directly stapled on these cleats. Our DIY sheet on the overall insulation of the walls from inside KDB Insulation details the operation, do not hesitate to consult it.

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