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To lay a solid oak floor on tiles and take advantage to improve the insulation of the floor, is it possible to insert an insulator between the tiles and the oak? If so which one and in what way?

In principle, several solutions are possible that depend on different factors such as the available ceiling height, the thickness and therefore the heat resistance of the floor, etc. and, they are in all cases quite expensive and cumbersome in thickness.

- you can put your floor in a traditional way, that is to say nailed on joists, the space left between the joists can be filled with an insulator.

- you can put on your tile rigid insulation boards (extruded polystyrene, polyurethane foam), then cover them with a dry screed or liquid screed. The main advantage of the dry screed is to remove the drying time. On this screed, you will have to stick in full your solid parquet.

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