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Insulation: essential elements of energy renovation

Any energy renovation of a house primarily passes through the insulation of the envelope of the latter: walls from the inside, walls from the outside, floor of the attic lost (wool blown or unrolled wool) or cover sections of the roof (from the inside or the outside). Different solutions exist according to the desired level of insulation, which can be classified into three levels:
- the essential, in other words a minimal isolation allowing access to tax credits and other fiscal aids;
- the obvious, ensuring an ideal relationship between performance and investment
- The superior for an optimal comfort and the satisfaction of an approach in favor of the environment.
Isover offers in this area a very well structured offer called "MAX RENO".

  • Interior wall insulation with Optima system Walls of Isover
  • How to insulate attics lost with a wool to blow
  • Thermal insulation from the outside (ITE), with glass wool, under attached cladding
  • Insulate your roof

Insulation: essential elements of energy renovation: essential

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