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We will undertake the insulation of our house. It is stone with Tyrolean plaster. We hesitate between insulation from the inside and insulation from the outside. What is the most interesting?

The choice you need to make is not really between insulation from the inside or the outside. Both solutions are equally effective. You must first ask yourself what kind of work you want to do and make an aesthetic choice between renovating your interior or facade. If you want to rethink your interior decoration, in this case, a frame insulation, such as ISOVER's Optima Wall system, is the most suitable. In particular, it incorporates a very efficient insulation, the GR 32. Lay down at least 120mm in order to obtain financial aid, (R = 3.75 m²K / W).

On the other hand, if you want to refresh your facade, an insulation by the external cladding with Isofaçade type 32 insulation will be the ideal solution. It will allow you to choose the finish that will best match your taste. Tip: If you choose this type of insulation, ask for at least 120 mm Isofaçade (R 3.75m²K / W) to obtain financial aid.

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