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I live on the 1st floor in apartment, I own. The trustee will redo the halls and in particular the ceilings. Can I demand that they be isolated so that the cold of the driveway does not rise in my apartment (the driveway is not heated and is a real fridge)

You can not demand anything. Such an application must be placed on the agenda of the annual general meeting of co-owners. If the insulation works interest all other co-owners (for example if they concern common areas) you will have a chance that it will be voted. If you are the only one to request this type of development and if it only benefits you, the costs will be at your expense and the insulation work will be (after acceptance of the trustee) carried out either by the company chosen by the trustee, either by the company of your choice irrespective of the renovation of the hall, after agreement of the trustee.

An excellent solution would be to insulate your floor by the interior of the apartment, you will have no permission to ask but the work will of course at your expense. Please refer to our INSULATION FLOOR sheet for detailed information.

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