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In order of operation, a heat pump is a more or less noisy equipment, which can disturb its users but also the people around. However, various solutions make it possible to remedy this nuisance, or at least to limit it. Focus on the insulation of the heat pump.

How does a heat pump cause noise?

When it is running, the heat pump causes noise, the intensity of which is generally between 40 and 60 decibels, which corresponds for example to the sounds caused by a dishwasher or a tumble dryer. This emanates from the unit installed outside the housing, unlike the one (s) located (s) inside that is (are) silent (s).

Why isolate a heat pump?

Sound insulation is the best way to limit noise pollution that induce the heat pump, but also their consequences. Like many other types of equipment, the heat pump does not escape current noise regulations, and is subject to restrictive standards, particularly with regard to the neighborhood.

Values ​​thus fix the limits not to be exceeded, and apply according to time slots: 50 dB between 7h and 22h, and 30 dB between 22h and 7h. In case of failure, the owner will be able to attract the lightning of his neighbors, even being forced to dismantle his installation.

What are the soundproofing solutions of a heat pump?

First of all, not all heat pumps have the same level of decibels, some being better soundproof than others. Other models also expel the noise from the lower part, which reduces the intensity.

Also, acoustic insulation is a major factor in the installation of the heat pump. Indeed, certain rules allow to limit considerably the noise nuisance induced by the operation of the device, including:

  • The orientation of the pump, which must take into account winds and the surrounding environment, walls and hedges can for example serve as a natural acoustic screen;
  • The placement of the pumpThis should be set by default as far as possible from the property boundaries, but also preferably over-elevated and on a slab not contiguous to the dwelling. The installation on a wall of the house, or ready windows, is to be avoided.

Finally, in case of strong discontent of the neighbors, the installation of an acoustic screen specific may be necessary.

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