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Insulation of windows

When it comes to heating expenses, windows are one of the most sensitive areas of the house. They account for 13% in the energy losses of the building. If they can not be replaced immediately, it is possible to equip them to limit "thermal leakage": caulking by conventional joints, caulking by a molded joint, glazing with chassis, glazing on pivoting frame or even replacement of single panes by doubles insulating glazing solutions. Replacing the existing frames, casement, but also roof, with insulating windows, PVC, aluminum or double glazed wood is obviously the optimal solution.

  • Caulk a window with a silicone sealant gasket
  • PVC windows
  • Mounting a roof window
  • Pivoting frame glazing
  • Frame with chassis
  • Laying a window

Insulation of windows: caulking

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