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Currently I am installing two rooms above a cellar. I made a wooden floor with bastaings of 180 thick under which I fixed slabs OSB 3. Between the bastaings I will put 100 mm of rock wool in rolls plus an air gap of 80 mm and closed by slabs floors of 22 mm interior quality. As for the walls I want to make a wood frame and a doubling lainde rock of 45 mm on the walls giving inside and 100 mm for the outside. For the roof I think to put 200mm rock wool between the rafters

There are many insulation solutions today. The ones you are considering seem good to me. You will find cards for each of the cases that you mention in our ISOLATION section. One point however: it is not necessary to leave an air gap of 80 mm between the insulation under floor and it (see the sheet INSULATION OF THE ATTIC OF THE ATTIC).

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