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I used a craftsman to isolate a room to make it habitable. He proposes me for the roof as for the walls the Triso Super product of Actis. Do you think this product is good enough for quality insulation? It's the thermal performance that I'm looking for first.

The lambda and therefore the thermal resistance of this kind of product, by definition "thin" are not validated today by the CSTB, the only official body having in France the authority to accredit insulation products, particularly with regard to Tax credits. Despite a controversy regularly maintained on the subject by some manufacturers of products that they present as "thin insulators", they are classified, officially, only as "complements of insulation". This has been stated for a long time by the expert group (G20) of the CSTB. You will find the SUMMARY in our site.

These products can perform well in addition to insulation, and must be implemented by a specialist who will respect their implementation in the respect of recommended very precise laying.

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