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    To build a cellar

    To build a cellar Hello to you, I ask your help and your knowledge for my project of development of my cellar which is cut in two small rooms. I want to do the insulation for the first part to a laundry where is already installed the washing machine and the hot water tank and the second part in a guest room.

      Build a well-insulated house at a lower cost

      Building a well-insulated house at a lower cost We want to build a well-insulated house (focus on freshness in summer). I heard about honeycombed bricks (Monomur) that seduce us a lot. Unfortunately, the builders only offer concrete blocks or G7 brick (20 cm thick) with 10 cm of insulation for the walls, demonstrating their compliance with the RT2005 (which for us is only a minimum).

        Improve the crawling insulation of a roof

        Improving the under crawling insulation of an attic I have a crawling finish already isolated on a 30 year old house. I would like to add a wool and a BA13 inside. Is there a risk of condensation or other because I add a thickness of insulation in front of a crawling finished This type of laying is not recognized, but sometimes practiced, without it seems to pose particular problems, with respect to the risks of condensation.

          Installing a VMC

          Installation of a VMC We have just bought a house from 1973, well insulated. We wish to install a hygro-adjustable VMC (currently no VMC no ventilation), however we do not wish to change the windows (very stylish wooden, rounded shape but simple glazing). The only current air intakes are in the lower part in the WC and bathroom.