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Due to a problem of cracks on the exterior walls of a single-family house, without floor (construction 1970), we have made estimates for a stabilization of the foundations by injection of resin for an average cost of 12000 €, with ten-year guarantee. Should we take a property damage insurance? Cost offered by insurers 4000 € approx!

This type of work (heavy) and which impacts the structure justifies taking a damage insurance-work which, in any case, is obligatory for all the interventions falling under the ten-year guarantee.
Even if the legal obligation to take this insurance is not accompanied by any penalty if we do not take it... there is a risk evidne not to take it, if the company that intervenes does not ensure a correct benefit or disappears within 10 years covered by the warranty.
We can also estimate that 4000 euros represent a large sum, that the company knows its job, that it is solid and that there will be no subsequent problems. But it is a risk if, tomorrow, the house cracks again and becomes uninhabitable...

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