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Damage insurance-works a guarantee against poor workmanship

Damage insurance-works a guarantee against poor workmanship

Taking out Damage to Work insurance is a legal obligation for anyone wishing to have major construction or renovation work done. What is it for, how and when to subscribe? Follow the guide with!

What is the 'Damage to Work' insurance for?

This compulsory insurance must be underwritten by the person carrying out construction or renovation work. It guarantees the repair of defects that have appeared within 10 years or allows the funds needed for the repair of constructions covered by the ten-year guarantee to be released without having to wait for court decisions or to seek the responsibility of the company concerned. It therefore saves a lot of time and avoids incessant discussions with entrepreneurs especially if there is a major disagreement, which is often the case in the context of poor workmanship.
The property damage insurance with is also necessary in the case of the sale of the house and will be passed on to new owners who can play it within 10 years from the date of construction.

In which context is one to subscribe a 'Damage-book' insurance?

Damage-work, build with confidence

Damage-work, build with confidence

This insurance must be subscribed before the opening of the site and the actual start of work by the owner, that is to say the person doing the work. The 'Damage against the building' insurance applies to all new constructions, but also to additions such as an extension, the creation of a pool, a garage or even a veranda or a simple fireplace. It concerns everything related to the structural work, but also to all the works likely to compromise safety or watertightness.

Where to buy Damage Insurance and at what price?

Ask your insurance, your bank, if you make a loan to carry out your work, or go to independent insurance comparator to get the best price. It will be modulated according to the type of work and their complexity but also according to the reputation of the company chosen to perform them. Note that the price is often higher when it comes to renovation because the age of the building complicates the deal.

The risks of not taking out a 'Damage to Work' insurance

If you build your own home, this insurance is not mandatory, but be aware that this lack of insurance can compromise the sale of the house. This lack of insurance can even be a price-cutting argument in the 10 years following the construction of the house. In addition, a purchaser who can legally turn against a notary, the latter generally refuses to sign a deed of sale without this insurance.

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