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The wall of our room being covered with wood paneling that was sprinkled with mold stains was removed. The cleats were badly posed because no passage of air, so I concluded that the mold was from that. On the wall was the depron that I also removed, but there are traces of glue depron. Can I put Placo and Styrofoam or should the wall be cleaned? What thickness of polystyrene to ask knowing that behind this wall there is a garage but a little lower than my wall?

If you install a metal frame that will support insulating panels (glass wool, rock wool, cellulose, etc.), which you will then cover with plasterboard, it will not be useful to remove these traces of glue. The advantage is that you will get real insulation. Please refer to our detailed sheet on THE INSULATION OF INTERIOR WALLS BY THERMO-ACOUSTIC DOUBLING found on our website.

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