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To choose well, one must know the different options proposed in terms of aesthetics, technique and implementation. Door to door detailed of your interior.

Choosing the right door for every room in the house

Which doors for a living room or a dining room

  • To install aesthetic doors, as beautiful open as closed, thinking that they will be more often opened to facilitate the regular displacements towards the other spaces of the house.
  • Choose a standard width (83 cm) or double (163 cm), or even sliding doors to avoid deflections.

What doors for rooms, office, toilets...

  • The doors must be able to close the room and isolate it phonetically from the rest of the house.
  • Prefer hinged doors with insulating core (polystyrene or polyurethane) and rebated jamb jambs that allow for a covering that will prevent sounds from passing.
  • A width of 73 cm is enough.

What doors for a dressing room or bathroom?

  • The door must here above all dissimulate looks.
  • In these rooms often small, a sliding door seems well suited since it saves both space and functionality.
  • A small width (63 cm) can suffice daily and even a washing machine can pass without difficulty.

Video Instruction: Making a Sapele Door