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We have a water leak in the crawl space and glancing or discovering that our crawlspace is no more than 50cm high which makes finding the leak and repairing the pipe difficult. We consulted two plumbers: one who tells us yes no problem he can repair without pb and working while lying does not pose any concern, and the other who says repair impossible because vs inaccessible. So we do not know who to believe, we thought to leave the first chance except he does not want to make a quote, it just gives us the range between 300 and 400 €, we do not know if he thinks just repair and if the pipe is damaged is that it will come out a new tariff (because we see that there is a little green on the copper pipe because the protective sheath was torn), it scares us to leave on something not encrypted in writing from the beginning. What do you think? can we work in a crawl space while lying down? will a lot of plumbers agree to do it?

If the plumber has agreed to intervene, he must be able to produce an estimate, possibly indicating a maximum sum, to protect himself in case of bad surprises. It is certain that working lying down is neither comfortable nor very safe, all depends on the duration of the intervention, but it nevertheless seems possible.
You may want to consult a third plumber to see what his proposal will be.

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