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In case of emergency locksmith, it is always better to call a professional who will replace your lock in a jiffy. But in the weekend, how is the intervention going? Explanation.

What interventions are offered on weekends?

The reasons for using a locksmith are numerous: lock locked, fractured or if you lose your key. The locksmith moves either to change the lock in its entirety or to change the blocking element.

What about the weekend? It's the same thing. Whatever the urgency and whatever the moment during which the emergency occurs, in week or week-end in particular, the interventions remain the same. Namely: opening of single door or armored, replacement of lock or replacement of key, installation of a security door.

Locksmith who travels on weekends: at what price?

Calling a locksmith at the weekend, just like at night or on a holiday, is more expensive than a day intervention and during the week. During the day, during the day, the cost of intervention generally varies between € 80 and € 150; price to which is usually added the cost of travel. It also depends on the type of intervention. In weekends, prices are much more variable. They depend on the company, the locksmith, the intervention to be made, the possible parts needed, the movement, etc. Sometimes prices double or even triple depending on all of these elements, and can sometimes reach around € 1,500.

Little more: know that the law applies two types of VAT depending on the intervention

  • for each intervention, the locksmith asks for a classic VAT of 20%
  • for emergency intervention, due in particular to a break-in, the locksmith can reduce the rate of VAT up to 5.5%

In an emergency: do not panic! If you panic, you risk subscribing in haste to the first offer, without really thinking. In many situations, it may be more economical to take a hotel room for a night, or to sleep at a friend's house, and to postpone the locksmith's intervention on weekdays rather than having him travel for the weekend. It is important, at a minimum, to take the time to compare the offers of all locksmiths available at the weekend before making your decision.

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