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Interview with Bernard Nicolas, certified trapper.

In order to share his experience, Bernard Nicolas, approved trapper N° 891232 answers questions from HandymakerTuDimanche.

Under what circumstances is it necessary to act against the marten?

The circumstances for having to trap the weasels are numerous: damage on the farms (chickens, chickens) all animals of barnyard. Houses, damage in insulation, noise, soiling. Cars: electrical cables deteriorated. Damage to game (eggs, small animals, rabbits, partridges, pheasants) These are some circumstances to act!

What are the means of action of trappers to fight against pests?

Traps that kill - traps X - traps egg. Trap cages with bait alive or dead, the boxes drooping. Eliminate all possible entries in the attic or the attic. Meticulously check the passages often marked by trampling, the grass or the ground packed by the repeated passages of the weasel. The traces of hair, traces of soiling (earth on the walls) often near the gutters which are a way for the weasels to climb the walls. Learn to watch, take the time to check the tracks of animals (droppings) and leave them to determine which animal is being attacked to adapt the means to put in place. Trapping is a face to face (trapper and trapped), without seeing each other, except when there is result. This is an aspect of trapping that I appreciate. It is a challenge to the animal (without being morbid) there will always be animals, and it is sometimes necessary to act to limit the damage. It is sometimes a dozen chickens killed or pigeons or chickens who are the cost of the predator.

How to recognize a qualified trapper?

It is difficult to answer because it is difficult to judge oneself. However, there are criteria that can be supported. Honesty, respect for others, places where the trapper is brought to work, discretion. Then the competence, never total, always to question, and the results.

What are the prices?

There are no trapping fees for the trapper, because the activity is most often around an association of hunters. In the sector of activity it is most often a voluntary service, when the activity is punctual, in a framework of friendly relationship, neighborhood or proximity. Despite everything everyone must find his account of course. In the case of trapping work involving large areas for hunting companies or individuals, it is necessary to discuss between the parties and to establish a precise framework. For more information about trapping I tell you two possibilities: The association of approved trappers from your department, there are almost in every department in France, and the National Union of Trapped Associations of France.

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