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Interview of a professional of the safe.

To make you discover the reverse of the decorations in the safe, HandymanDuanche asked Mr. Christophe Camus sales manager at infosafe, distributor of safes

What do you think is the ideal safe for an individual? Why?

Everything depends on what you want to store, some individuals will want to store important documents away from the eyes and the risk of fire, others jewels, values, works of art or even hard disks or other computer data carriers.

Small wall-mounted chests are often preferred by individuals, the cost of trunk being relatively attractive. But we must add to the price of the safe, the cost of the labor of a mason who will "drown" the chest in the wall. These safes, however, offer only a low resistance to burglary, and no fire resistance. This type of safe is suitable for hiding small jewelry, cameras and checkbooks daily. To ensure larger values, individuals usually go to certified safes offering real protection.

What are the mistakes to avoid for an individual who wants to invest in a safe?

Interview of a professional of the safe.: safe

It is essential to calibrate the type of safe according to the risk. For example, avoid taking a low-end large-area safe and conceal it in a cupboard to store jewelry whose total value could exceed several thousand Euros. This type of trunk is usually not intended to be properly sealed, and its weight of a few tens of pounds allows burglars to leave with the chest under one arm taking your flat screen with the other. We advise individuals to use electronic combination locks, as burglars who find a safe with key lock will flip your home from floor to ceiling, looking for a key. Chests type "hotel-safes" are prohibited for storing valuables.

What are the latest innovations in safe?

There are constant evolutions in the materials used which are more and more resistant to burglary and fire for a relatively low weight, making it possible to place these chests on floors whose load is relatively low (<200 Kg / m²).

Is the installation of a safe accessible to Sunday's DIYers?

Seal a floor box with concrete pegs is accessible to a good handyman who has the appropriate equipment (drills and perforator). Be careful not to cut an electrical cable or water pipe that could be embedded in the floor (never seal a chest on a heated floor). To embed a chest in a wall and to drown it in cement or concrete requires the know-how of a mason!

If yes, how to perform the installation?

You need a concrete drill and appropriate dowels long enough and strong enough for proper anchoring in the ground and / or the wall. Determine the nature of the soil and choose the appropriate peg (ideally, seal the trunk on a 200mm concrete slab and against a reinforced concrete wall).

What is the minimum price for an individual who wants to invest in a medium-sized efficient safe?

Everything depends on the risk:

if you want to store small values ​​and papers, away from fire and malice (indiscretion of his entourage for example), a small fireproof safe 600 to 700 euros may be enough.

The risk of theft is much higher than the risk of fire, even if it is equipped with an intrusion alarm. A good safe is an extra bulwark that can not be opened in minutes, even by a veteran and over-equipped specialist, as some movies want us to believe.

If you want to store values ​​of several thousand Euros, you must move towards a vault approved flight, the standard reference is the NF A2P label in France, recognized by all insurance. For example, a class I safe can store up to 25,000 euros and be reimbursed by the insurer in the event of a break-in. For such a medium-sized safe certified NF A2P class I with electronic lock, it is necessary to count a budget of 1500 to 2000 euros.

The certification of a safe is a quality label that certifies that the equipment has been tested by independent laboratories, essential to ensure effective resistance to burglary or fire.

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