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I am trying to fix an old bathroom by redoing the wall insulation. Having removed the sink leaving the old pipes of arrival and evacuation of the water which leave in the ground, I discover that the invasions of ants which one every year at the same time actually arrived there ! at the base of the drain, a small mound of sand masks a tiny exit through the tiles... How to eradicate this output artists without breaking all the tiles and concrete slab in which passes my pipe?... Thanks in advance for your answers Sincerely, CL

No need to break all the tiles to avoid the invasions of ants since you have spotted the entrance of their gallery. Just try to plug the "output of artists" with silicone sealant (ants do not fancy...). You can also seal your tile with an acrylic resin (BESTRENOV from France Concrete or a vitrifying emulsion from VALMOUR) that will prevent your visitors from digging an exit a little further, because ants are stubborn insects!

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