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Who invented the screwdriver and how did it come into our lives? System D tells its story...

history of the screwdriver

For a long time ingenious systems have been developed to facilitate drilling. Drilles then chignoles are also used since antiquity. As for the screwdrivers, the oldest are described in the fifteenth century.

The screwdriver was born from the evolution of the drill, the first model of which was patented in 1895.

But these are two major developments of the twentieth century that drove the design of the screwdriver. The first is the invention of the square-cut screw, patented in 1908 by Canadian Peter Lymburner Robertson. It becomes the leading supplier of screws for the famous Ford T automobile produced by the Ford Motor Company from 1908 to 1927.

The second evolution is the invention of the electric screwdriver. In 1933, the company Black + Decker developed a ball bearing system that allows to go from drilling mode to screwing mode.

The first model was equipped with a fixed tip, but very quickly, other companies (Stanley for example) propose models with interchangeable tips.

Since 1952, at least one patent per year has been filed to improve either the quality of the tips or the performance of the machines. In all industrialized countries, companies are starting to perform better. The electric cordless drill-driver, also launched by Black + Decker, appeared in 1961.

Hitachi claims the introduction of electronic speed control chips in 1982. And in 2014, Black + Decker launches the first 100% automatic torque and speed screwdriver.

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