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For skiing or walks in summer, a pied-à-terre in the mountains is a dream. It is a pleasure investment but beware of some pitfalls. The place, the surface, the choice of the property, the rental or not... are essential criteria. Small studio or chalet cocooning? Here are some "tracks" to invest well in the mountains...

Invest in the mountains

Invest in the mountains

Real estate investment in the mountains: choose the place

Small stations have a lot of charm but be careful to invest carefully. The possibilities of resale and rental are inseparable from the purchase project. The location of the property is therefore very important. Residences located at least 1,800 meters and an popular ski resort. For example, the Alps have more coast than resorts in the Pyrenees. The most sought after are Megève, Courchevel, Méribel or Tignes. Plus as the proximity of shops and services are to be taken into account.

In what good to invest in the mountain?

The advantage of the old is often lower prices. However, pay attention to the renovation part because thermal insulation and upgrading can quickly encrypt. And it is sometimes difficult to bring craftsmen or entrepreneurs on the heights. In the new, the equipment is more modern and no or little work is expected. This element is important when you do not live on the spot. The ideal surface is 50 m² and more because the mountain is often a group hobby. Other elements come into play such as a balcony, terrace or good exposure.

Buy winner

Unlike a principal residence, time is your ally. You are not in a hurry, so wait for the right opportunity. After three years of declining sales in high altitude real estate, the recovery is done slowly. This is the right time to invest in the mountains, especially as interest rates are still very low to obtain a mortgage. The status LMNP (rented non-professional furnished) allows you to rent a furnished residence.

Last point, the charges, their amount can be quite high. It must be verified that they are part of the final budget.

Investment in the mountains: advantages and disadvantages

The acquisition of a pied-à-terre in the mountains has the advantage of going there as many times as you like, summer or winter. If you rent, it can even make you a little extra income. But there are still some small flats. In the mountains the bad weather deteriorates the houses, so it is necessary to envisage a budget maintenance. Other worries, rental. It is rare that people rent the summer. Rentals are mostly during the winter holidays. The rental period therefore covers only a few weeks, not counting those where you occupy it.

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