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We are currently connected to individual sanitation but the municipality must implement a collective sanitation system. 1 question: is it mandatory to connect to this future system? 2 question: how to connect to collective sanitation?

First, ask the technical services of your municipality or the SPANC (non-collective sanitation promotion site) to know, on the one hand, the prospects of creating this collective sanitation network in your municipality (all in the sewer), and secondly the possible terms of connection and the companies able to implement it. If your land is in the area of ​​possibility of connection connection to the sewer you will have the obligation to connect to it.

If you escape this obligation, know that the law on water and aquatic environments voted on December 30, 2006 imposes new constraints on the owners in terms of non-collective sanitation: obligation to maintain their non-collective sanitation facilities and to bring them into compliance by 2012. These networks are controllable, at your expense, by the municipality or SPANC, which may require compliance if necessary.

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