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Two companies that were also insulating outside recommended against doing so by justifying the fact that it was not profitable In order to achieve thermal insulation from the outside for a house full foot about 100 m2, several estimates show 18 500 €. Two companies advise against this ITE because it would not be financially profitable and there would be moisture on the walls. The attic is insulated with R6 / 5 cellulose wadding and PVC windows. What to do?

The insulation from the outside is very powerful, especially for constructions built between 1945 and 1975. These buildings do not benefit from the thickness of older masonry, and did not receive any insulation at first, the first thermal regulation dating from 1974. It is not not recommended for mud or cob houses.

The fact remains that the damping time of an external insulation is generally quite long, often greater than 15 years, unless you have to make a renovation anyway. In this case, it is necessary to subtract from the overall price the cost of a simple renovation and to try to estimate the annual energy savings obtained by the insulation. It only remains to divide the cost of insulation by the estimated annual gain, to know the depreciation period.

Nevertheless, even if this duration is long, the isolation by the outside makes it possible not to intervene inside, of do not reduce the living space (which affects the value of your home) and not having to remake the decoration of the rooms.

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