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Wondering which cladding to choose for your bathroom? You may not have thought about it, but wallpaper is a solution. Once the correct model is selected, this wallcovering has many advantages. Price, aesthetics, choice, ease of installation... The wallpaper is more and more trend but is it possible to put wallpaper in a wet bathroom?

Is it possible to put wallpaper in a bathroom?

Is it possible to put wallpaper in a bathroom?

Which wallpaper to choose for its bathroom?

Contrary to popular belief, the wallpaper can be adapted to the bathroom. But beware, humidity, splashes of water and heat require some resistance. This is why a classic wallpaper is not suitable. It may blister, peel or tear. There are mainly three types of moisture resistant wallpapers that it is possible to put in a bathroom.

First of all, vinyl wallpaper, waterproof thanks to its PVC layer. Then, the expanded wallpaper that has the same properties as vinyl. It is characterized by a relief effect, it is waterproof and thick. And finally, the non-woven wallpaper is also powerful thanks to its thickness and its resistance. It is made of polyester fibers and cellulose covered with vinyl. It is leachable and quite suitable for wet rooms.

How to put wallpaper in a pond?

Some steps are to be respected for ask his wallpaper in a pond. First remove the old coating if there is one. We remove all the dirt, dust and any element that may hinder the bonding. If the wall has cracks or holes, we seal them with a coating of Fillers. A little sanding the wall allows is essential to smooth the surface before applying the wallpaper.

Before getting down to business, we have the good habit of cutting electricity. Sockets and switches must be removed before starting. Then cut the strips leaving 5 cm of margin. We prepared 3 les in advance so that the glue has time to dry. If it is non-woven wallpaper, it's even easier. Just put the glue directly on the wall and then rub the coating.

The benefits of wallpaper in a bathroom

Wallpaper has many advantages. It's cheaper than tiling and easier than painting. Models that are designed ' special wallpaper bathroom Are thick and thus allow the defects to be covered. They are easy to maintain as washable but they are a little more expensive than conventional models. But this is justified by their quality, their thickness, their resistance. The price of a vinyl wallpaper is around 8 euros for a standard roll of 0.53 m wide and 10 m long. The price of more luxurious models, such as non-woven paper, can go up to 70 euros.

This is a real boon for deco lovers because the wallpaper is available in all patterns and colors. The choice is much larger than in the painting or tiling.