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My second home (a barn with stone walls of 70 cm) in Fos 31 was destroyed by a fire, only the walls, the frame and the floor are consumed in the fire. This second home dating back to 1910 has been equipped with a sump, a water meter and an electricity meter since 1970. My insurance is committed to rebuilding identically. It was classified in a purple or purple area in the PPRI. In order to rebuild identically, I sought the advice of a certified architect. We made a letter (with AR) to the DDT 31 in order to have the certainty of rebuilding our second home. We are waiting for their answer. Do you think I can rebuild?

A purple zone is an area of ​​significant hazards in terms of flood risk. In theory, you must be able to reconstruct identically ("without increasing vulnerability") that has been partially destroyed, but there may also be opposition from the state services. Your architect must be able to clarify this point with the departments concerned, before undertaking studies and business consultations.

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