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We have built and tiled just put in the laundry. When we open the French window, there is only 1mm of space between the French window and the tiled floor. It's very weak, so weak that we hardly dare to open it we believe that it will touch. It seems absurd, and the architect has just told us that from the moment it opens, we can not refuse. Is there regulation?

Tiling is governed by the DTU 52-1, but there is no reference to the necessary spacing between the bottom of the door and the tile. Generally this space is 5 mm. If the door opens unhindered and the flatness of the floor is good it should not worry you especially if your door is PVC or aluminum because these materials do not work enormously. Some models have adjustment tabs on the hinges that can save a few millimeters. If this is not the case, all you have to do is to have the bottom of your doors trimmed (planed) to the thickness you want.

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