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A very trendy and design centerpiece, the freestanding bathtub is making a comeback in our bathrooms. It is placed where it seems and brings an incomparable stamp to the room. Despite a more complex installation, its benefits largely explain its success.

Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths

The freestanding bathtub, star of the bathroom

The island bath is inspired by old tubs but is radically modernized. Although today accessible at all prices, it remains synonymous with luxury, designers being particularly interested in its look.

An island bath is installed in the middle of a bathroom or even in the heart of a room and becomes the centerpiece of the place and an essential decorative asset.

Much less imposing than ever before, the freestanding bathtub creates the illusion of greater space thanks to its sleek design, materials and neutral tones that capture and play with light.

How to install my freestanding bathtub?

Installing a freestanding bath requires the intervention of a professional.

  • It will take at least a space of 8 m² to install it.
  • The evacuation of water and a slight slope (2 cm per meter of slope) will be expected
  • An access to the siphon will have to be arranged.

The evacuation can here be:

  • Hidden in the ceiling of the lower floor (if unoccupied)
  • Cast in a mortar screed
  • Camouflaged by a platform

The faucets will be:

  • Installed on foot and fixed on the ground on throat: recessed on the edge of the bath (bathtub leaned against the wall)
  • Recessed in a box
  • Placed on the wall (bathtub leaning against the wall)

Advantages and disadvantages of the freestanding bathtub

An island bath request more space than an ordinary bath. However, we can circulate around it and its volume is today less impressive.

Contrary to popular belief, an island bath does not always consume more water than a regular bath. Her capacity of capacity oscillates between 160 liters to 200 liters.

If the faucet is sometimes more expensive than the bathtub itself, models at much more affordable prices are now available for sale.

The freestanding bathtub has become more popular in recent years. We now find standard models from 600 euros up to 3500 euros for the most luxurious copies.

Video Instruction: How to Choose a Freestanding Bath