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How to insulate a wooden garden shed between the concrete screed and the bottom of the shelter, because I have water running under the base of the shelter?

First of all, you have to drain the soil around the shelter in order to get rid of moisture as much as possible. A peripheral gutter can prevent the water from reaching the base of the "walls".

Drainage of land is done by digging one or more trenches in the shelter environment where you will install porous pipes to collect the water and evacuate them to a ditch (be careful not to water at your neighbor!) or a sump. Fill this trench with successive layers of stones by putting the largest elements at the bottom; pebbles, pebbles, gravel to finish with sand.

Equip the shelter with gutters to avoid the disgust of the water of the roof panels; install a rainwater collector that will serve you to water the garden.

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