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In a renovated apartment, the ceiling insulation is not effective and we hear the noise of the owner of the top. To my knowledge, there is Placo, rockwool, a 19mm agglo and a floating floor on a sub-layer. Knowing that I can not do anything with the owner of the top, how to isolate my ceiling from below? I heard about Doublissimo 30 from Placo, what do you think?

The problem with this type of noise is the propagation that is not only through the ceiling but also in the extension of the walls by propagation of vibrations. As you know, it's always harder to keep a sound from coming in than out. To get total comfort and good insulation you should create an acoustic box in your apartment, which is almost impossible. However, you can improve the insulation by creating a false suspended ceiling with PLACO PHONIQUE plates from Placo. These plates are fixed on a metal frame under which one can still integrate a standard mineral wool mattress or rigid rock wool panels according to the required performances.

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