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I have a tiled floor on the ground floor, rather cold in winter in a house in Indre-et-Loire. If I isolate it, will I save some electric heat? If so, how to isolate it? (parquet, PVC coating or other...? Thank you in advance for your answer.

For insulate from the cold a tiled floor, it is necessary to treat the problem at the base (it is normal...), which is almost impossible without heavy work, except if the house has a cellar. In this case, we can isolate the ceiling of the cellar. Otherwise, covering the floor with parquet, PVC or other coating may change the feeling of cold, without save energy. You must also take into account any rising dampness in the tiles. The installation of parquet, laminate or waterproof coating could lead to serious consequences: mold, deformation of the floor, etc. To solve the problem in a sustainable way, the only solution is to demolish the tiled floor, isolate, redo a screed and lay a new coating, tiling or other.

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