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Insulate from the outside

A solution to consider.

Still undeveloped in French homes, insulation from the outside has to be known. Effective and quick to set up, it offers us many advantages. With more comfort and more living space, this relatively simple technique is sorely lacking in popularity. To learn more, HandymanDuDimanche invites you this week to discover the external insulation.

How it works

How it works

The insulation is applied directly to the exterior walls and then covered with a coating to protect it from wear and weather. Implemented by professionals, the external insulation is installed according to different techniques. The insulators (polystyrene, rockwool, glass wool, cork, etc.) can be covered with cladding, thin plaster, hydraulic plaster or steel, aluminum or PVC facing plates.


By limiting thermal bridges, the insulation from the outside makes the heat losses soar. The walls are also free from climatic hazards and the house is therefore as pleasant to live in winter as in summer. Not content to insulate your home without encroaching on its living space, this two-in-one solution also allows you to restore your facade by changing its appearance. In addition, this type of construction does not disturb the life of the house, unlike most insulation work.

The inconvenients

The inconvenients

At 90 euros minimum (including installation) per square meter, this technique displays far too high prices, which does not play in his favor. There are also too few qualified professionals who can manage and promote this type of project. Also regret that changes to the facade alter the overall appearance of the house. They are not necessarily compatible with old homes, or with the rules of urban planning. As for maintenance, note that this insulation requires a little more attention than others.

To be reserved for modern or recent buildings, the insulation from the outside offers excellent performance and allows significant energy savings. It is still necessary to have the means to devote a substantial budget to it.

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