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My house is from 1770 I would like to insulate a wall from the outside (ITE). What advise me, knowing that 5 rooms 2 are insulated from the inside overlooking this wall. Is not the humidity going to stay in the wall?

The question does not specify the place, the altitude, the orientation of the wall to be insulated, the constitution of the wall, the possible regulatory constraints...
Generally speaking, on this type of construction, a cladding on wood or metal frame, will be preferable to a thin-coated-on-insulator type system.
If the wall concerned has moisture problems, it is necessary first to diagnose the causes of this moisture.
If humidity is caused by rain, which is possible for a west-facing wall, installing a cladding will solve the problem.
If moisture comes from the ground (hair lifts), you have to treat them first.
If you have some condensation problems, isolating the wall helps to solve them, but we must also check that the house is properly ventilated.

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